Sunday, January 31, 2016

Xena artwork - Xena plays the lyre

#TBT #LucyLawless in NZ comedy sketch 'Funny Business' 1980s

Xena airing in February 2016 on...

Xena is rocking the airings in 2016!

-Heroes and Icons tv channel in the U.S. Starting February 8, 2016.

-Shomi - an online streaming service in Canada
Shomi has a lot on offer in February, from TV shows (the 2012 reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Xena: Warrior Princess) to movies that you’ll want to watch over and over again (Kindergarten Cop, Uncle Buck and Jaws).

*note, I'll update if it shows up on Crave TV in Canada, which is what I have. Shomi and Crave is suppose to be the same. But it's new so I'm not completely sure.

Xena artwork - 'A Day in The Life' - Xena excited to use pots and pans(but not for cooking!)

Planet hunter, Xena lover discovers 'Planet Nine' - The Ottawa Sun

Not a particular fan of The Sun, but I did like this story. There are many articles about this new find, but this one had lots of Xena included. Yay Canada!

OTTAWA - A scientist who once tried to name a new planet after Xena the Warrior Princess is the same guy who may have found the solar system's "Planet Nine" this week.....

#TBT 2011 - The NZ Honey Badgerette scares the little kid

You can see the hilarious video for this here:

An Exclusive Look at the Brand New Xena Comic!

I was never into the Xena comics, but for those of you that are, Dynamite is releasing an all new comic series.

....and Xena is still rocking as something that needs writing about 25 years later!

Vote for Lucy, Bruce, Ash vs Evil Dead

In the  2016 FANGORIA Chainsaw Award Nominees for Best TV Series!


Bruce Campbell, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD
Hugh Dancy, HANNIBAL
Mads Mikkelsen, HANNIBAL

Gillian Anderson, HANNIBAL
Jamie Lee Curtis, SCREAM QUEENS
Dana DeLorenzo, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD
Lucy Lawless, SALEM
(Yikes, a little friendly competition as Dana DeLorenzo is up for AVED against Lucy for Salem!)

You have until March 13, 2016.


the iHorror Awards 2016

I can't list the categories as I already took the survey, but Ash vs Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell. and Lucy were noms.

You have until February 16, 2016.

The 15 must-watch episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess - Blastr

My list would be completely different. That is if I could even get it down to 15. But nice they're writing about Xena.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lucy joking about where the dagger of Helios should go! - Xena - Behind the Scenes

Lucy joking around in this scene, when they were trying to decide where she would place the dagger. She obviously remembers this scene from 'Death Mask.'

Monday, January 11, 2016

Xena Artwork

Here's some artwork for today. No name, just Xena artwork!

Javier Grillo-Marxuach Scrapped Xena Reboot Interview

Some news on the reboot as Javier published an interview that was scrapped, to his blog with the magazine's permission. Here is an excerpt:

1. The word is that Lucy Lawless won’t be returning, but will anyone from the old show coming back (either in the same roles or in cameos)?

It’s way too early for that. Our first order of business is to create something that will be undeniable - to both the existing fans and, hopefully, a new audience. Down the line, in success, if there is a way of bringing back members of the classic cast with both a legitimate narrative intention, and respect to both the extant series and the new, who am I to say no?

read the entire intervew at his blog

A few points
-it will be a true reboot, as in starting over from the beginning
-he'd like to see this similar to what Star Trek was to Shatner, what James Bond was to Connery
-NBC commissioned a pilot script for a season long run. They're only now working on the pilot, so no airdate is available.

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Housework-loving Gabs! - ‪‎Xena‬ Gif

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