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Ash vs Evil Dead | Season 1 Finale Preview | STARZ and a Ruby Gif

Episode log:
In the season finale, Ash will be offered a deal that could change him and mankind forever in a monumental last-ditch attempt to rid the world of the Evil.

and a Ruby gif. Yikes!

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Boxing day be like..... - Xena Gif

A little Boxing day humor

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"You are a gift to me" - Xena Gif

A little something for the holidays!

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'Lost' writer plans to make his Xena happier, and maybe fans too - CNET Interview

Updated December 21 2015 10:40pm(AST)
Updated December 21 2015 7:35pm(AST)
Updated December 21 2015 5:35pm(AST)

CNET did an interview with Javier Grillo-Marxuach, the Xena reboot writer, this week. Javier gave a vague idea of what he wants to do:

About watching the show in the nineties:
"I watched the original 'Xena' as well as 'Hercules' during their initial run," 


"Remember that was kind of a golden age for first-run syndication sci-fi at a time when the networks had precious little to offer us true believers. All of which is a long way of saying that I am VERY excited, both to be working with the producers of the original, as well as to be working on material that spoke to me from a time in television history that I remember very fondly."

About his vision of the show:
"Let me give you an itty-bitty peek at the store by telling you a few words you won't be hearing from me: Grim. Gritty. Dire. Depressing," he said. "What I want to do is to make something that is both fresh and new but that is also respectful and evocative of that feeling of fun and adventure that was so perfect in the original. I believe I heard it referred to somewhere as 'the power, the passion, the danger.'"

you won't be hearing from me: Grim. Gritty. Dire. Depressing," Ok, this has some fans concerned. What does he mean exactly? Make it light like Hercules? Oh god no. I'm afraid that's a big mistake.  I loved the darkness of Xena, and felt that gave the show an edge, along with the charm of Lucy Lawless. Some fans are saying they think he means, not to Game of Thrones clone it. I'd go along with that. I stopped watching GOT in season three.. No warmth. Too rapey and violent. Explicit sex. Sooo not Xena!

"and evocative of that feeling of fun and adventure"  Well, that's Xena alright!

About Xena and Gabrielle:
"These two characters were super-heroic women who appealed to me as a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and horror, as a fan of the sword-and-sandal genre, and as a fan of characters whose lives and struggles I found inspiring," 


"There were a lot of action-adventure shows in first-run syndication in the mid-'90s, but the ones that endure are the ones whose characters truly spoke to the audience."


"If we don't get that central relationship right, and evolve it to where it can go in our modern televisual landscape, then we are sunk. And I don't want to be sunk."

This is a line that has fans up in arms:
it's now known that Lawless is not part of the reboot
But... but... but, it's not a quote by Javier. The journalist wrote it. I think that they reinterpreted earlier news reports saying there was no news if Lucy was in it, or not confirmed.  (I'm just generalizing here).  I say calm down everyone.  Furthermore, a fan did ask him this specifically at Twitter, and he basically avoided answering.  So if the article got this info from him, it doesn't make sense to not say either way afterwards. Which goes back to my theory that the journalist reinterpreted previous reports.

Am I watching the reboot?
I'm not against the reboot with new actresses. Never had been. I always knew one day they would do it with new actresses. I was just hoping it would happen like 50 years from now, after I'm dead. I wish the reboot good luck.

I'm not interested in watching with new actresses. I want to keep my memories of the show with Lucy and Renee as is. Without distractions, without a new Xena popping into my head, or new stories. Just no interference. I can't properly explain my feeling about this show. There are no words. The closest I can come, is to say my memories of this show are precious to me. Sacred even. It brought me a lot of joy week after week when it aired. I don't know why I'm so affected,  I don't even understand it. Even after all these years, no other show has ever made me feel this way. All I know is that there is this feeling in my heart that I can't even put words to.

I'll amend a little, if Lucy and Renee do appear in some capacity, even as other characters, I may watch those specific episodes, or just their parts, as I am a supporter of them. 

Right now I'm on the fence about supporting, as in promoting it. Very little is known at the moment. And yes, while I think this 'Lost' writer may well be a very good thing, and that Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi are attached, in the back of my head I remember that NBC Universal are really the ones calling the shots.

It's too early right now with too many unknown variables:
-the actresses,
-other writers,
-the score,
-will it film in NZ?

-is it set in ancient times? They seem to be modelling it a lot on Hunger Games which is a dystopian future. Personally I prefer ancient times.
*Update(Dec. 21/15  5:35pm(AST) ): Javier has tweeted it will be set in bronze age Greece: it's set in bronze-age greece - i think whoever said "modern" was talking about the "sensibility" or some such thing.
This is odd. Why has there been such a thing about it? I mean 20 years ago Xena also had modern sensibilities(for the 90s) with it's hipness and pop culture references. In all the reports they could have just reported that Xena was being remade and leave out the modern references. Is there some back peddling going on here?

 -will subtext be made maintext? I can't picture NBC Universal going along with that, but you never know. Subtext was a product of it's times and would be kinda offensive today I think.
*Update(Dec. 21/15   7:35pm(AST))Javier tweeted that Xena and Gabrielle will be soulmates: "what would be the point if that wasn't the case?"
This goes back to his quote about the central relationship. But the question is will there be subtext? Or will there be maintext?

-will Xena have a dark past and be on a quest for redemption?
-the greater good theme?
-will Gabrielle be a bard?
-will it have Hong Kong fight style?
-will it be campy?
-chakam? sais?
*Update(Dec. 21/15  10:40pm(AST)): Javier has tweeted there will still be a chakram: "the chakram is iconic - I'm not a monster!"
This is the third update today of an item on my list that I only just wrote yesterday. I find that strange. Does anyone else find that strange? 

See what I mean? There is still a lot of unknowns.  I don't think Javier has even written a pilot. No actresses have been named. No trailer is out. I mean there's really nothing except for a few vague lines from Javier. Him, I like. It's NBC Universal I don't trust. So until I see more, until I hear more, until I know more, I stay on the fence about supporting. Even if I don't watch, I don't mind supporting the show in other ways, via tweets as long as the show stays true to the core values of the original. I think it will be great for the next generation of fans to have their Xena and Gabrielle. 

Apparently some fans are trying to send script ideas to Javier, and contact his family, also being demanding and abusive.  I've read many of his tweets. Seems like a nice guy. He's very friendly and willing to answer questions, if he can. Sending scripts can lead to legal issues. He's the writer. Not you. Remember that. Contacting his family is low. That's all I have to say about that. Being abusive and/or demanding is low as well and doesn't accomplish anything. Letting him know how you feel and asking questions politely is the way to go.  Keep calm and be Xenites!

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The Xena Reboot Gets a Writer

Good news: it's a writer/producer from Lost's first two season which were the best and my favorites.


The writer is Javier Grillo-Marxuach.

Grillo-Marxuach, who was part of the Emmy-winning drama win for Lost in 2004, will exec produce the Xena reboot alongside co-creator Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi, who will oversee the NBC International Television Studios entry via their Ghost House Pictures banner.
Still no word about Lucy.
Lawless, who is married to Tapert, is not currently involved in the NBC reboot.

Unfortunately, this talking point keeps coming up from "the source" which I suspect is an NBC exec:
Sources tell THR that the reboot will follow a new, modern Xena, with the lead actress needing to have the charisma and charm of original star Lucy Lawless and the smarts of The Hunger Games' Katniss as producers are said to be looking for a sophisticated and smart superhero for a new generation. The potential series is being eyed for 2016.
They really need to stop bashing Xena to promote the reboot:  "and the smarts of The Hunger Games' Katniss"  So not the smarts of well um Xena???  Xena wasn't dumb.  NBC Universal is going to alienate original fans if this is how they're going to promote it.

Lucy still fire breathing - Xena Gif

Lucy getting her demon makeup touched up - Xena Gif

#TBT Lucy Lawless as the 'Punk Rock Girl' in Spiderman - Gif

Getting ready to fight Grindl - Xena Gif

Renee on a cliff - Xena Gif

Xena blooper: Putting the mole back on - Gif

Lucy on the set! - Xena Gif

Ruby kicking deadite ass again! - Gif

Renee and Kevin Smith getting ready for a scene - Xena Gif

Proper is a word forged by men who would seek to enslave us with it - Spartacus Gif

Learning to breath fire - Xena Gif

Lucy, The People's Climate March NZ 2015 - Artwork

Splashing - Xena Gif

The "Look at all the fucks I give" moment - Gif