Monday, September 30, 2013

Lucy Lawless Filming Code Now in Silverton

An update about CODE as a reporter tweeted this pic. (ain't tweet embeds with pictures great!)

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Lucy Lawless Supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Lucy is in Australia filming CODE. Here she is supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation as face-booked by AJ Muriel & Mavis:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Code Filming in Cockburn Australia

A new blurb today about CODE. Basically the same information as previous articles:

Filming on a political thriller TV show starts in Cockburn today.

The small border town has been chosen for the ABC series called CODE that stars Lucy Lawless from Xena the Warrior Princess and David Wenham from movies such as the Lord of the Rings series.

Filming is expected to continue in Cockburn for another two weeks before moving to Broken Hill and Silverton. read entire article at ABC Australia

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lucy Lawless Tweets About CODE

Lucy tweeted about Code last night. She's on her way to the Outback. I notice again she says: 'The Code.'

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

CODE Continues Filming in South Australia

According to this ABC reporter:

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lucy Lawless Quote From Dragon Con 2013

Love this quote from Dragon Con (convo 37:57-40:47) of Lucy answering a fan about her positive affect on her, and on people around the world with her role as Xena:

The fact that you had the wherewithal and the sensitivity to take lessons out of whatever medium,  however it came to you, means that you're the smart one, and that you turned that...piece of took out the best possible lessons and you actioned them and YOU are your hero.”  -Lucy Lawless

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dragon Con Interview With Lucy Lawless - Re-invigorating Xena

Here's an excerpt from an interview Lucy did at Dragon Con. She was asked about bringing Xena back:

Daily Dragon (DD): I read an interview you did recently where you talked about your ideas for reviving the Xena series. 

Lucy Lawless (LL): What I would love to happen. I have no say over the outcome, but certainly there’s a studio that’s quite interested. They’ve been looking into who holds the rights and unpack the whole legal knot that’s tied it up for a long time. In the old days a studio would rather kill a project rather than let it go anywhere else. Or kill a project if they don’t own 100 percent of it. But in this day and age isn’t it better to own 70 percent of something than 100 percent of nothing? This is a great idea, [Xena and Gabrielle have] a great relationship, the show has a great fanbase. Give the people what they want!

DD: You said that at some point Xena should pass on the mantle to a new warrior princess who would lead the way for a new generation. Which actress could you see in that role?

LL: I’m out of the loop of who’s out there right now. You want someone who’s capable of being funny and can also have heartfelt moments. Somebody who’s not a whiner because it’s a hard shoot. read entire article

  I wonder what studio is interested? It's not Universal.

More About Lucy Lawless' Role In CODE

Here's an excerpt about CODE Lucy did in an interview from Dragon Con. I notice she's says "The Code," so that must be the actual title instead of CODE as the first article I posted about stated:

DD: Where are you off to after Dragon Con? Any upcoming projects besides your guest stints on Parks & Rec?

LL: I’m doing a mini series in Australia, a political thriller called The Code. It’s about an indigenous kid in Australia who gets himself embroiled in a horrible nuclear conspiracy. The kid is going to wear all the blame for an accident that happens that’s not much to do with him. I play his teacher in the outback who’s trying to save his ass. They’re up against something way bigger than they can comprehend. read entire article

Monday, September 2, 2013

Lucy Lawless at Dragon Con Tweet Pics - Final Round

There are still a lot of pictures being posted since my last post. I'll continue to update as they show up:

Sweet picture of Lucy and a fan:

Lucy signing autos:

Sweet picture of Lucy with a couple fans:

Another fab picture of a fan with Lucy:

Great pic of Lucy with a fan:

Picture of Lucy being presented with a Xena Movie Campaign t-shirt from members:

Don't forget to check Flickr for pictures:
Another great pic with this fan. Look at their expressions!

Fabulous fan pic with Lucy, Liam, and Manu:

Lucy signing autos:

All smiles:

Funny tweet from a fan about how she only comes ups to Lucy's boobs in this pic:

Awww...sweet5 hugz. Sounds like this fan got a little emotional:

Fabulous pic with Lucy, Liam, and Manu:

Awww... what an adorable pic. That's one of my facebook peeps. I saw on her post that she said she waited 16 years to meet Lucy, and that she was so sweet:

Lucy with Xena and Autolycus:

Cool Xena Prop Up For Auction for the 2013 Starship Spring Clean

From Xena Warrior Princess Season 3 Episode "The Bitter Suite" Costume head dress:

Wow, you don't see many Xena props up for auction much anymore these days. Proceeds benefits Lucy's Starship charity:

The Starship Foundation is a social-profit organisation that raises funds so Starship Children's Health can better care for its young patients.

Here's your chance to own a cool Xena prop and give to a good cause at the same time. Go here to bid:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lucy Lawless Tweets and Pics for Dragon Con 2013 Day 3

The last day of Dragon Con for Lucy. Here's some tweets and pics I saw today:

Pic of Lucy on the BSG panel:

Awesome intagram. Here's what the user said: "I wanted a normal photo with #LucyLawless for a change but she just grabbed me a hugged me by surprise. #xena #bsg #battlestargalactica #warriorprincess #xenawarriorprincess #cylon"
Another BSG panel pic:

Next three tweets are of a touching story at the BSG panel by a fan that made Lucy teary eyed:

Great fan pic with Lucy:

Great fan pic with Lucy accompanies by an amusing post: "My boobs touched Lucy lawless' boobs. Sooooo really life can't get much better. #dragoncon #lucylawless #xena #bsg #spartacus #awesomesauce":
Fan pic with Lucy:

Lucy is all smiles for this pic with a fan:

Lucy with Xena:

29 sec clip of Lucy Lawless at DragonCon - The Lucy Panel

Only 29 seconds, but Lucy is hilarious!


Lucy Lawless on the Spartacus Dragon Con Panel - Video

Lucy, Liam and Manu speaking on the Spartacus panel. They were very funny, especially Lucy. At the end you see Liam wheeling Lucy out on her wheelchair

Another user video source: