Friday, January 28, 2011

Lucy's Interview With Starpulse

An excellent interview with Starpulse readers. Mostly about Spartacus. I suggest you read the whole article, but check out this snippet about Xena:

Q&A: Lucy Lawless Dishes On Sexy 'Spartacus' Scenes, Hurt 'Xena' Fans & More

I have to ask. A lot of 'Xena' fans are still very upset about the show’s ending. How would you have ended Xena if given the opportunity? 

Lucy Lawless:
 I would have them sailing off into the sunset together. That way, people could dream about what adventures they would embark on next, as opposed to separating them forever. That was the most hurtful thing about 'Xena.' It’s a cool story if you think about it. In 'Spartacus' people are killed in the worst way all the time. It’s part of the show. However, it wasn’t right for 'Xena.' It’s such a shame to look back because it really hurt fans. People related to those characters in a unique way, creating a different kind of fandom. The 'Xena' fans are an incredible bunch. Read the full article

The ending she suggested is exactly how I would have liked to see it end. Xena and Gabs sailing off together. Then all the fans could imagine whatever adventures they want! I didn't know she could read my mind! Lol ;P

Lucy Joining No Ordinary Family for Five Episode Arc

Saw this tweet readers:

Michael Ausiello
Exclusive: Lucy Lawless joining NO ORDINARY FAMILY for five-episode arc.

Yayyy for Lucy!

*********Update Readers!!! January 31 2011***********
This has now been verified! Via the following tweet! :

Sharon Delaney
Lucy Lawless announced at the Xena convention this weekend she's doing a multiple-episode guest arc on No Ordinary Family!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Xena Herself Lucy Lawless Answers Twitter Question on Lopez Tonight

Some funny Lucy readers;)

Xena Herself Lucy Lawless Answers Twitter Question on Lopez Tonight

Lucy's Starship Foundation Update via Facebook

Lucy's doing her 'bit' for Starship and we need your help! Visit Lucy's page for the Resene Fastest Art Exhibition here The more 'likes' the page gets the more Starship stands to win.
37 minutes ago ·  · 

Lucy's doing her 'bit' for Starship!
We want to get as many people as we can interested in this amazing piece of unique art so spread the word. Make sure you ‘like’ this page and let your friends know!
41 minutes ago ·  · 

Welcome to Lucy’s page for the great Resene Fastest Art Exhibition – part of Auckland Cup Week. Along with other celebrities Lucy will be decorating a large white fibreglass horse to be displayed in Auckland in the two weeks leading up to Cup Week. At the completion, the painted horses will be auctioned with the proceeds from Lucy’s horse coming to Starship.
42 minutes ago ·  · 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lucy Lawless on The Soup

Get ready to laugh your ass off readers! Lucy did a couple skits for The Soup, and she is freakin' hilarious!

The Soup
Lucy's part - 1:11-1:42 then again at 2:23-3:09, but I recommend watching the whole thing
Lip Locked

Too Graphic Graphics
Lucy's Part - 1:10-1:31 but I recommend watching the whole thing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Through The Years

I struggled about what to call this. I came up with titles like "Back To The Beginning" or "Full Circle." The first just didn't work and I already have one named Full Circle . Then I heard the Kenny Rogers song, "Through the Years." I always thought of that song in terms of my parents. Even years later after my Dad died, it always makes me think of them. It's their song! Anyways readers, if you listen to the song and read the lyrics it can definitely be applied to Xena and Gabrielle as well.

The Stare

Monday, January 3, 2011