Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Xena Geek

Thought I'd show you what a Xena geek I am. I never should have spent my money this way, but I'm not sorry either. Ok, maybe when I was between jobs I was a little sorry.

I know some of this isn't official stuff, but I can't remember right now what's what. Yeah, that really is a thimble. There's an unfinished charm bracelet,  kantana letter openers, Xena sword letter opener, etc, etc, etc. I love the wine charms!

Yep, those are bookmarks. Never used them. Also some magnets.

That's a unused 365 page calendar from 2004. I never even looked at  the pictures in it. There a 2008 calendar I bought just because I liked the art. One of my favorite things is the Hallmark card. When you open it up it does  Xena's battle cry. Love it!

So now you know what a geek I am. This is just the tip of the iceberg! I don't recommend anybody going out and spending money this way. At the very least be picky when it comes to your purchases. FYI, all this stuff was bought years ago in the olden days when I use to have money.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lucy in Amazon Leathers

Ok, if you haven't seen this yet, then you need to go here right now! There's a new post by Lucy plus a picture of her donning the amazon bikini she wore in Xena 10 years ago! She looks wow! She has her Xena scowl on too, lol. She could totally play Xena again in a movie!

I never want to see anyone else in that role. The reason I loved Xena so much is because of what the actress brought to it. It's those little nuances and idiosyncrasies that Lucy empowered the character with, that made  Xena so special. Who else could deliver the lines the way she did? Who else could do those amazing facial expressions? Who else could act the part with believability in such a wide range of emotions, from comedy to drama, the way she did? No one!

She set the bar too high, and no other actress will ever reach it!